Thursday, July 20, 2006

Still in the yard

Got your tools ready? When it was time to get a new toolbox to carry around the old one got a proper retirement! It now hosts celosia and a spot close to the center of my front flowerbed.
The other two pics show why most of the stuff in the bed is metal,not wood. This old wooden wagon wheel is almost comepletely gone from years of being outside,only the hub and a few of the spokes on one side remain. I soaked it down with Thompson's water seal last year and it seems to have slowed down the decay. Still looks preety cool though. Next to it is a concrete "acorn" finial. The black and the chartreuse ornamental sweet potato vines are growing nicely,filling in the bare spots and the Silver brocade is doing its part to hide the ugly mulch!


  1. Very eclectic. You have a green thumb too.

  2. Papa-
    You have a lovely garden!
    My husband is in landscaping and your yard looks so much better than ours- but isn't that what they say-If you do it for a living you don't like to do it at home or something along that line-I love all the metal objects you've used in your garden- I use alot of concrete ornaments in mine- Keep up the pictures!!! Take care! Denise (angelmom-MG)