Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still degreasing.....

I'm beginning to think this is not a's a career!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

signs,signs everywhere a sign....

Not baby wants.....BABY NEEDS BEER!
My thoughts exactly!

Well if I ever get to Texas I'll know which lanes to drive in!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Degreasing the Fiesta....

...and the flamingos and the walls and the floor and the stove and..............

AS some of you know I got to move back into my house awhile back and Bro moved in to dad's. Brother was NOT a good housekeeper! I'm no Betty Homemaker but I did like to keep my kitchen nice. Bro liked to deep-fry stuff so EVERYTHING in the kitchen is COVERED in a heavy layer of grease! All the Fiesta that was on display is greasy,the flamingos are slimey,the stove is atrocious and the walls and everything will probably have to be repainted,I don't think the paint will take the scrubbing! Since I just have a couple hours home each evening the clean-up process is going very slow and this stuff is VERY thick! Fortunately the Fiesta takes scrubbing very well,just lots of work. The flamingos unfortunately have lost a lot of their color, I might be able to coat them with a coat of lacquer or something to bring the shine back and just will have to live with the lighter colors. (a bright spot in this,one of the flamingos actually looks better,it was a bright pink-orange before,now it is a softer pink,looks better!) This project is going to take awhile. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cars gone....

...and have been replaced with a walking frog! He doesn't do anything but walk up the window but he is cute. Also changed the template background. I've been looking around (google) at free blog templates but the instructions on how to do it are scary! So I just went with one of the standard templates blogger offers. I would like to really customize this blog but that will have to wait until I learn how to build things like this. (if anyone knows of a good simple site that has free stuff or just some tips,let me know!)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Been playing on the side...

...the side bar that is! My friend Craig at (sorry haven't figured out have to do a link with just a word yet!) added a cool fishies thing to his blog so I had to go check it out! I found this ring thingie on the site and added it to the bottom of my right column. Further clicking found the "car of the day" link so I added that since I am into things automotive, but that one may be deleted soon, I hate that the pics are cut off,not resized to fit the space. Sorry nothing more exciting than that happening right now....hmmm...the 80's CD just finished on my lime green boombox....I guess it is time to put in RuPaul, I have been discussing a "womanless" beauty pagent today with my JC so drag queens are on my mind!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Now this is how to load up!

As mentioned below, the guy started loading stuff up off the farm today. I wish I had one of these fork-lift/loader jobbies. It would make throwing the junk around much easier!

And they're off......

The guy came today and started loading up the farm stuff. He took two loads today and will finish up loading in the morning. Dad did well,only bitched a little bit (but of course he may have gone off after I left!) The IH 806 really dwarfed the Massey on the trailer!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Goodbye Massey!

This afternoon I helped Brother get some things ready out to the farm that have been sold. Amongst them is this old Massey Harris tractor that has been residing in the barn since I was a little kid. I dodn't think that the Massey was ever really used as a work tractor here but more as a "play toy" for us boys. We all drove this thing around, pulling the wagons and such and basically was our first driving lessons. Since by age 11 I had graduated to driving the pick-up and the family car you can guess how young we were driving this thing around! We have not farmed our land for several years and are going to rent it out to neighbors to use, we decided to get rid of the farm equipment. Most of it is old and useless but a dealer who has good luck with "hobby" farmers that like old small stuff offered us a decent price.

So goodbye to an old friend, I hope you find someone else who will love and enjoy you!