Sunday, July 30, 2006

At the auction

I love going to auctions! Attended one in Terre haute yesterday that was loaded with cool stuff. Lots of primatives,crocks and old furniture and stuff!
This is the piece I brought home. I know it's kinda "crappy" but I like it! I think I'll put it on the Porch and it can be the "throne" for special visitors!

Here's the main reason I wanted to go to this auction,Fiesta! Unfortunately most of it was damaged and even with the damage the prices were too high! Oh well,at least I got a crappy chair!!!


  1. Oh it looks like the enamel object underneath the chair will fit perfectly. I think I'll stay in the garden instead.

  2. I'd REALLY love to know the history behind that chair. The rustic fence rail in the background is COOL! Something like that would make a killer headboard for my guest room