Thursday, December 22, 2005

Work Sucks!!!!

Grrrrr! I have to work the holidays. I work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day AND New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! And since the holidays fall on a Sunday the holiday pay isn't untill the following Monday which I have OFF!! So that means I work the holidays and don't get paid and the ones with the holidays off get paid for it!! grumble gumble grumble!Oh well one of these days I will find me a rich man that loves Fiesta and won't have to work anymore!!!Yeah like that's gonna happen!
I promise I will be in a better mood next time!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Danni won!

Well Danni beat out the others on Survivor to win the million dollars. She wasn't my pick but it's ok,my pick was ME!

The water was shut off yesterday, I had to call and put the payment on the credit card to get it turned back on. I hate using the card for anything like that,but had no choice. Came home from work and had to bitch about it,so Sarah is going to kick up her rent payments. When she found out I was gonna cut off the cable she decided to help out some more. I had to call and put the cable bill on the card too. This is the only month to do that,next month if more money doesn't come in I will probably have to start shutting things off. I'm not getting very many hours at work and it is not enough to pay the bills. Some things are selling at auction today so that will help and then hopefully will get some money out of the stuff I'm taking up for the New Year's Day auction. I really need to find another jog,but not much is around here.

Things will improve soon....hopefully!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Xmas party

Just got back from our employee Xmas party. Big fun. Watching kids bowl and run around and scream and run around and scream and run get the picture!We all did get an Xmas present,a couch throw with the Sheriff Department logo and a pic of the Sheriff's truck on it. Kinda cool,would rather had a huge bonus but like it anyways! Absolutely no one was drinking anything (except pop!) till I decided enough was enough! Whith all those kids running around I needed a brew! After I got mine and wasn't thrown out by the Matron (a notorious teetotaler!),several of the other guys got brave and got beers too! I guess evreyone was just waiting for someone to either break the ice or put their neck on the block first!!! I survived!

Speaking of Survivor,(nice lead in!) This Sunday is the Survivor finale! Really rootin for Rafe to win but I bet he won't,what chance does a gay guy have against all them women! He'll be booted out for sure but I can always hope!

I've got to get busy and get my list of stuff e-mailed out to the auctioneer tomorrow! If I get up early and get crackin I should be able to do it! Just have to make myself get up early!


From the PorchI actually may have figured part of this out!!!! Hooray,clap me on the back and buy me a beer!! Have to investigate farther,see how to do pics and such!But right now it's time to head to work. Tonight is our employee Xmas party,at the bowling alley! Whoopee! (insert sarcastic facial expession here) So it's off to jail I go!

On The Porch

Testing Testing again!

Friday, December 09, 2005

On The Porch

Well well well! I finally found this spot again! It's been awhile since I created this blog,and now that I'm back I have nothing to say! It white as hell outside,snowed to beat the band yesterday,got about 4 inches out there!
I've been going thru stuff to take up to Shadow's auction Barn for their annual New's Year Day Antique auction. Need to raise some money some how! Dinky's auction is tonight and I actually have a Friday I could go but the snow kinda put the shitzu on that! Was gonna take a load down to sell,but discussed it with Bruce and Peanut and we figured that with the fact they have been closed for a few weeks because of the tornado damage and with the weather,the buyers wouldn't be out in force. I ain't sellin my stuff cheap!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Well here I am again,somehow or another I found my way back here!
Yesterday I spent the day picking and choosing,loading junk into the truck to take to the auction this Friday. I've got entirely too much stuff in this small house! Stuff hell,most of it is junk!!If I work on it everyday(yeah right,like that's gonna happen!) maybe i can get it all cleaned out by the next century!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

again an attempt to do something...

Ok here I am again...doing things I have no idea of what I am doing.... I will figure this out and start telling you alll my little secrects and all the facinating stuff about my soon as I figure out what they are!

Do I know what I am doing....NO!!!

...but I got this far so let's see what happens! If I have created a blog that means I can type in my thought s and ideas and such....hmmm....could be interesting! Or really boring!But we will give it a shot! Of course I will probably post this and never be able to find it again to contine it! Well let's see what happens as I go farther with this!