Tuesday, June 23, 2009

'strokin' again...

....HEAT strokin' that is! If yesterday wasn't bad enough, today was worse as far as heat was concerned! I'm sure that Val thinks I am a total wimp because I can't handle 92 degree afternoons! But the humidity here is killer!

So bro and I mowed out to dad's today....thank god for the beer cooler! I don't think I woulds have made it otherwise!

HOT HOT HOT! No breeze what-so-ever!

So what do I do? When I get home I decide to burn all the twigs and branches and clipping I gathered up last night. (remember the no breeze comment!)

No breeze...no wind... I rarely get to chance to burn stuff here in town (for some reason the town frowns on burning when it is windy, I don't know why!!!!)

So I light up the brush...and guess what... a breeze starts up! So here I am running around with a rake trying to contain burning debris in a gale storm in 90+ degree heat!

So of course a burning leaf decides to go down my shirt...I do a major screaming funky chicken dance around the yard...I'm sure the neighbors were majorly entertained!!!!

Singed chest hair smells AWFUL!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Courting Heatstroke


Okay that statement is out of the way! But it is hot and miserable here right now.

And rain! It seems it rains everyday! Not just little pissy showers, we're talking about thinking about hiding under the house storms! BOOM BOOM BOOM are we going to end up in Kansas type of storms!

So there was no storm forecast for today (tonight is another matter entirely!) so I took a day off (not from work...from DAD'S!) so I could hopefully get some yard work done before the next monsoon comes thru tonight.

The grass was getting so high that sheep and cows from outside of town were putting in for transfers to my yard!

And so out into the heat I go in my cute little shorts and cut off shirt ( I'm sure the neighbors were impressed) and enough sunscreen on the top of my bald head to coat an entire girl scout troop and attacked the jungle that normally is my yard.

Nothing sexier than a bald fat man trying to have sunstroke and a heart attack at the same time!

One good thing, my farmers tan is darkening nicely,the legs are still snow white but they are shaded by my belly the whole time!

I have so much yard work to do it is not funny. Flower beds to weed,edges to trim,gravel to rake,mulch to put down....
The list goes on and on!

It really depresses me to look at my yard, I always took so much pride in it and my flowers but since Dad got bad I have no time to work on it. The weeds are taking over.However I was thrilled to see while I was courting a coronary that the cactus is finally blooming this year! You have to ignore the weeds!

And my Mimosa tree (that I started from seed from Mom's tree which is now dead) is going great guns! I had about twenty sprouts a few years ago and this was the only one that survived a freak freeze we had that year. The Mimosa is about three years old now and I think it's gonna make it! (again please ignore the weeds!) I should have blooms probably next year!Some things thrive on neglect tho! This is my "miniature" Japanese Maple! Don't always believe the tags on clearanced plants at Wal-Mart! This tree was supposed be (according to the tag) a small,weeping Japanese Maple like my buddy has! His is about 10 years old and only about 3 feet tall,cascades beautifully down and behaves itself in its spot. Mine has turned into a monster tree! I love the tree but if I had known it was going to do this I would have planted it in a different spot!

The hostas are going berzerk and hopefully I can divide them this fall...I had to cut down the roses, those damn jap beetles wiped them out!

I guess I have to be grateful of what plants did survive while I was away and just hope I can replace what bit the dust!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Happy birthday to me,somewhat!

Today is my birthday,only one year away from the half-a-century mark now!

And if that fact isn't depressing enough (actually that doesn't bother me)life in general sucks.

I am finally close in getting caught up with all the bills, but you know how that goes,get caught up and something else happens to put you behind again. I my case I found out that I have to now replace the gas line in my house. The gas company showed up and it seems I have been lucky,my gas line under my house is full of holes and my crawlspace was full of natural gas!


I have been living on a time bomb! I could have lit a cig or flipped a switch and ended up in Kansas!

They pulled the meter and shut the system down but now I have to have a new line installed under the house. More money to spend that I don't have! I am grateful that the company found that and that my ass didn't end up in Kansas (and every state between here and there!) but why does every silver lining come with a price tag?

On a less life threatening note,(but still very frustrating) my computer has some major problems, I'm gonna have to take it in and have someone give it an enema and fix it (more money out!) but since the computer is my only link to the outside world I need to have it done.

I can't access my e-mail now, or most anything else, I can't even get on my Fiesta message board! I did manage to get on the message board briefly tonight but after reading one post and replying, the 'puter went dead and I had to restart. So I guess I'll have to wait til after I get this dastardly thing back from the shop to acknowledge any messages there.

After the restart, this infernal machine did let me into my blog so I thought I would try to do a post, I have no idea if it will let me or not!

There was a bright spot today, when I got to work, there was a birthday card waiting for me signed by a bunch of the staff and several of the inmates!!!

And one of the inmates came out with drink cups stuck under his shirt and performed the Marilyn Monroe JFK version of Happy Birthday for me! It was a hoot and a hell of a way to start the day! Imagine a skinny,tattooed inmate with pointy "breasts" singing a breathless song to you at 5am!