Monday, January 16, 2006

my mistake

I was real proud that I figured out how to put a link in my message and then screwed it up! The correct link for MG is
I inadvertently added so extra letters to it the first time!

Monday Monday

Just sitting here crusing around on the computer,looking for Fiesta bargains on the on-line auctions,few and far between! I think I did get a good one last night,a vintage light green disc for $11! I hope it is as nice as described when I get it,I'll let you know!
Also found out yesterday that one of my fellow MGers lives only a few miles from me!
(MG is,a chat board for Fiesta lovers)
While crusing thru eBay I ran across a juniper carafe that had been discussed on the board,and lo and behold,the eBay seller name was the same name as on the chat board so I knew it was the same person. What really kicked me was her location listed in the auction! A small town just a few miles away from me! We've been e-mailing back and forth all day!Just goes to show that the world wide web makes everybody neighbors,and sometimes they really are!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Face still there

Well it's been 5 days and my face is slowly healing,still itching like mad but healing!
Went out to Mom & Dad's today. Fixed lunch,Bro Tom and his boy were there. After Lunch we went back to the woods to get the old truck out of the barn. It is a 1955 Dodge grain truck and it is in really good condition,Brother is trying to sell it and needed me to take some pics of it to send to some guy in Kentucky. Brother doesn't mess with computers so it is up to me to be the go-between for them!
I wish I could figure out how to post pics on this blog! I have looked around and still can't figure out how!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Face off!

Well it kinda feels like my face has been taken off! I went in Tuesday to have a mole/groweth thingie lasered off my face and the doc went ahead and zapped three of them off! My face now looks like I have been attacked with a lit cigarette! But the doc assured me that in about a week everything will be fine and I will be back to my old face,of course it would be better if I could heal back to Brad Pitts face but I guess that's not gonna happen!