Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

Frisk me!

Since I finally (sorta) got the DSL to work on my 'puter I've been able to cruise arond YouTube and watch some vidios! I like the funny ones of course and anything cop-rated I get a big kick out of since I work for the Sheriff. I found this one amusing since we had just been discussing the proper way to search a person at a meeting the other day! Listen closely!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Got 10" last night...

Photobucket...and it is a real pain in the ass! Actually we got about 3" the night before and another 7" last night. Going out at 4 in the morn to get the truck ready to leave for work and having to deal with all this white crap piled all over it (not to mention the ice underneath!) is too much fun! And then having to drive thru it! Thrilling! I didn't think I was going to make it all the way out of the driveway,got stuck half in, half out in the street. But I gave 'er hell and plowed thru,fish-tailling out into the street,doing some creative wheel work to avoid the neighbor's car that is parked there,churning along up the street,finally baja-ing it into work where the truck promptly buried herself when I had to slow down enough to park! So there she sat all day! This afternoon I had to get some trustees out to shovel her out so I could come home. Of course when I get home I find that the snowplow had piled up a bunch of snow across my driveway. Figures.
So I have to park in the street. And forget shoveling out the drive,there is a huge drift across the front of the shed that I would have to shovel away to get to the door, and guess where the snow shovel is? the shed! So I guess my poor baby will have to risk spending the night on the street, hopefully no one barrels down thru there and sideswipes her!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Doing the happy dance! FINALLY I got DSL uploaded to my computer! Still playing with it to see what I can do. It's not as fast a connection as I could have had but my 'puter is soo old that I had to connect using the USB port instead of the Ethernet connection. But it is still waaaay faster than my old dial-up! Still have some glitches to work out but I am soo happy with I have! Now maybe I can actually use this thing and have some fun with it! No more click on something...go get a beer....drink the beer...check to see if the page loades in yet...use the 'puter for a couple again...go get a beer...check the screen...get another a another another beer...get another another beer...get a beer...scream...get a beer.........
HMMMMM....the Bud people are gonna be pissed 'cause I won't be drinking as much while on-line!
Like that is gonna happen!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


No tech guy showed up today,spent another hour on the phone punching this and saying that and taking to still more people who don't know a word of English! Had to go down and buy another month of dial-up to even check my e-mail! So I'm packing all that shit up and sending it back! And I am going to have to call that frickin number again and wait and finally get an idiot and make sure I don't get charged for DSL. I am ready to shit can Verizon on everything! And I may! They have the worst phone suppore/help system of anyone!

Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm soo frustrated

I am soo ready to beat my computer (and Verizon!) to death! For my Xmas present to myself I decided to get DSL and stop begining totally bent-out-shape from my sooo very slow dial-up connection. I want to be able to load up pics and post them and play with my blog and soo many other things! So I jumped in and signed then I get my box from Verizon....seems simple....hook it up.....and......NOTHING! IT WON'T LOAD IN! So I disconnect everything and start over...and over....and over...! Nope,no dice,no connection! YAAARRRRGGGG! I am soo ready to take a ball bat to this thing! And forget calling Verizon with my troubles! Tried all weekend...PLUS! I sooo hate those comupterized voices telling me to say this and punch this number for that!And the damn installation CD kept telling me to contact Verizon on the web. HELLO! To get on the web I have to disconnect all your stuff and hook back up to dial-up! So the website couldn't do me any good. So again I try calling (and everytime I called I got a different menu!!)
I finally get through to a sorta live person and guess what? English is their third language! I couldn't understand a single word they said!
So I hang up and call a friend of mine who has the same set-up. She came over and went thru it...said she had the same problem when she got DSL...turns out she had a faulty modem so she had to have them ship her another one and then it worked fine.
Soo I call again today, spent almost two hours on the phone(punching this number and saying that word!) and finally got thru to a real person again. This lady spoke sorta English and we went thru the set-up again. I told her that the problem was probably the modem but we had to go thru EVERYTHING! She finally decided that the problem MIGHT be the modem but they have to send out a tech person to check it out!
So here I am again on a dail-up system that is supposed to expire tomorrow and the tech guy isn't going to be here til Wednesday!
(Oh did I mention we have an ICE STORM coming in on Wednesday!)
He'd better show up since I already arranged for the day off to wait here for him (and if he is smart he will bring a case of Bud with him!)