Monday, December 29, 2008

Smell my finger

Yarrrg! Today was a major stinky hand day! Normally smells don't bother me (except dad's and brother's farts)! Today I had major smells on BOTH hands! First off when I went out to dad's Bro was working on the chainsaw,installing the new carb I got off eBay. So then after the carb was installed I got to hold the chainsaw RUNNING AT FULL SPEED! while he adjusted the carb! SCARY! That sucker was cookin'! And that spinning chain was only inches away from my arm! YIKES! But being the manly man that I am I refrained from screaming like a girl and bravely held on (of course I was also ready to throw that sucka across the yard if it moved so much as an iota!)

So the result was (oh I forgot to mention that the carb cover was OFF at the time) that my hand and the ENTIRE sleeve of my coat was coated with gas spewing out of the carb (thankfully I tossed my cig before this happened! Otherwise I might have really been FLAMING!)

Then after we get done with that and go back into the house to watch TV with dad, Bro comes up with a tube of new pain reliever cream and wants me to rub some on his you know what that stuff smells like! HORRIBLE!

So here I left hand smells like right hand smells like Ben-Gay! And neither smell goes away by washing your hands! They have to wear off!

The coat went into the washer as soon as I got home but I guess my hands will just have to stink for awhile! Out of bleach till payday and not a lemon in sight.

The smell of the gas is more tolerable than the smell of the muscle rub so I guess I will just have to drink my Bud left-handed tonight....I'll just pretend I am at a NASCAR race!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Does this car make my butt look big????

Went up to Indy to the Auto Show with friends yesterday. Kinda figured this might be the last year for it with all the troubles the big three are in now. Not much really stuck me as exciting,all the new cars look sooo much alike! Ya gotta walk around and search for the emblems to see what kind of car it is! We did get a kick out of the Smart car! I would be afraid I would get run over by a semi! Or even a VW Bug! These things are seriously small!
But we did have a fun day,K wants a new pickup and was all over the H3 truck,her husband looked a bit doubtful tho! And we found out that B has already ordered a new car, a Camaro in orange! Of course it remains to be seen if it gets made or not!
After the show we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Indy. I just love this place! It's in an old,beautifully restored building and decorated top to bottom with music memorabilia,great music playing non-stop in videos on a multitude of big screen tvs that are everywhere! And the food is awesome! Since we had had a big breakfast I decided to just have a salad. But what a salad! It was called a Haystack and there was enough there to feed four people! Needless to say I brought what I couldn't eat home and have been munching on it ever since!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm soooo thrilled!!!!!

Over at CMG, my fav Fiesta hangout, we are having a Secret Santa amongst the members. I received this ORIGINAL Fiesta newspaper advertisement from Fred! It is sooo cool! I've always wanted one of these and figured I would never get one. Hell I couldn't even afford one of the reprint posters that show up on eBay once in awhile! And something even cooler, this paper is from Fred's house! It was actually found when he was tearing out walls during his remodeling! Apparently back in the 40's (this page is dated April 28th 1940) newspaper was rolled up and used for insulation in the walls! Sounds like a major fire hazard to me even before you think of what electrical wiring was like back then! (the only thing I found in my walls when I was remodeling my kitchen was old mouse turds and leaves)

I can't wait to get this framed and hung in my kitchen!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Fiesta Contest!

Jaci over at Ravings of a Mad Housewife is having a contest! She is giving away FOUR placesetting of Fiesta, my fav dinnerware and my main love! All you have to is visit her blog and comment on the contest and you are entered to win FOUR placesetting of Fiesta in your choice of current colors! This is soo very exciting! Be sure and read her blog to, it is very entertaining!

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Not as much as shown in this pic I got e-mailed to me but it expresses my thoughts exactly!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I've been tagged!

My friend Craig at RainbowDishes tagged me in a simple (the only kind I can do!) meme.All you do is post the 6th picture on the 6th page of your pic hosting site (I use Photobucket, but there is also Flickr and others) and tell a bit about it.

Here the pic that turned out to be my 6th on the 6th....

Rather appropriate don't you think? This was taken a couple years ago at the James Dean Run car show in Fairmount IN. The car was built on a stretch VW frame so it was rear-engined. Under the hood was an iced down keg and the tap was the hood ornament! My kind of car!

Trying a link

My friend cobaltprincess at Collectible Medium Green gave me a way to put a link in my posts that is a word instead of the whole url. So lets give it a try!