Friday, October 17, 2008

And now for some pussy....

...this is CC, our barn cat. She has a bit of a story about her. She originally started out as a kitten on my front porch while bro was still at my house and I was still living at the farm. Bro kept having to check under the hood of his truck before he started it up because she liked to sleep on the engine. (we're lucky that he found that out!) So one weekend he came out to the farm and somehow she rode out there in the frame of his truck. We tried to catch her but she kept running back under the truck and hiding in the frame again. Finally we left her alone thinking she might jump out and run away from the truck. We didn't see her the rest of the day, and checked over the truck before bro left. Thought she had left. Well the next day she was back on my porch (6 miles away!) She stayed there on the porch for another week. Then the following weekend out on the farm,you guessed it,there she was under the truck! She'd rode out there again! Still couldn't catch her. So bro drove his truck down the lane,back to the barn, and left the truck sitting there for a couple of hours. Sure enough,she jumped out and ran into the barn. And she has been back there since! I call her CC,short for Combine Cat because she decided to live in an old combine we have stored back there. She is now probably about 6 months old and is a very loving cat. And fast! She doesn't hold still for much and I had a hard time getting a pic of her,she is constantly on the move! She is not a true tuxedo cat, too much white on her,she kinda looks like a black cat was walking across something and white paint sprayed upward and covered her lower parts! Hopefully I can get some better pics of her as she gets older and loses some of her kitten hyperness! But she IS a character! But then again, aren't most cats?

Monday, October 13, 2008

The neighborhood pooch

Meet Whitey, aka WhiteBoy,WhiteFang,Moochie,FurButt,Worthless and anything else you want to call him! He responds to anything as long as you have a Milkbone in your hand!

Whitey is the neighborhood dog out to dad's house. He used to belong to an old man that lived down the road,we used to see him laying at the old man's feet on the porch and when the man died his kids cleaned out his house but Whitey was left behind,homeless. He stayed by the old man's house for a couple years,sleeping in the rain and scrounging food. Well we finally coaxed him into our yard (with Milkbones!) and now he hangs out with us alot. But we also found out he cages treats and food from all the neighbors! Everyone likes him and feeds him so he makes his rounds everyday getting what everyone offers him! He is definitely not underfed!

He is part husky and something else and has a very winning personality, rarely barks but is very protective of his territory to other dogs (probably doesn't want to share his treats!) but loves the cats and leaves most of all the other wildlife alone,except squirrels,he loves to chase squirrels!

He's a very good dog and I find it hard to believe some one abandoned him like that!

I got three spots!

I just added a map thingy to the blog showing where my (if any!) visitors are from. I'm up to three spots!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hey that link worked!

Now I just have to remember which link it was! And it cut off part of the pic! (the same pic was used for all the tests) I need to play some more!

I wonder what this link will do?


That didn't either!

I'm trying to post pics from my Photobucket album which has a couple pics that are not saved to my puter. Have more ideas,stay tuned

well that didn't work...trying again




Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kelly Girl

...but I am a temporary cook instead of a temporary office girl! My nephew reopened my old steak restaurant here in town. He is normally the steak cook (when he is in town,he also drives a truck,delivering boats out of Florida to people that have way much more money than me!) but right now he is in Texas helping with the clean-up. So I was asked to come back and fill in for him til he gets back. It's been a few years since I have done the to-order cooking in a fast-paced restaurant. And,WOW!, I am majorly wiped out! I'd forgotten how much work that is! My feet really hurt! And when it came time to clean up I didn't have trustees to do it for me! That part really sucked! But I had fun and got to see a lot of my old customers that I had not seen in quite some time. But it should be just for a couple of weeks so I should be able to survive it. I hope!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Weiner Watching

My job at the jail is fairly straight forward,cook,order food,schedule employees,ride herd on inmates,deal with inspectors,etc. But every once in awhile I have to do something out of my normal day. Like yesterday. I had to p-test a couple of inmates. Which means I have to go into the area (in this case, a holding cell) and watch them piss into a cup for a drug test. And I do mean WATCH! I have to make sure that they don't try and slip something into the cup other than there own stuff! Usually there is a male jailer around to do things like that but yesterday I was the only male on duty so guess who got to be the pecker checker?!

This is a very embarrassing situation, I mean, what do you talk about when you are standing there watching a guy hold his pecker waiting for the flow? "Hey,howz it hangin?" Is it really that cold in here?" "Come here much?" And especially when you get a guy who just can't "go" and you end up watching over and over for about an hour! And then you try every trick you know of to make them "go" (running water,etc) and it ends up YOU have to go really bad! It is difficult enough trying to be professional in that situation and even worse when you are dancing around and crossing your legs and thinking "GO NOW BEFORE I SHAKE IT OUT OF YOU!!!!!"

Work is interesting sometimes!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another try...

Okay,giving this a try again! I have not played with this blog for almost two years!

After mom died I moved out to dad's to help take care of him (he is a major pain in the ass but that will take a whole 'nother post on that subject!) Brother stayed here at my house and was out there with dad when I was at work. (no internet at dad's,hence no blog!)

To make a long story short,bro and I switched places. I am back at my house now and he is full time out to dad's. He's not working so that was the best bet (for me at least!) I still go out everyday and on weekends but at least I can sleep at night! I get up at 3:30 in the mornings to go to work so it was very hard getting any rest out on the farm.

So I am back home,but not much time to do anything,just a couple hours of an evening before beddy-bye. And this house needs LOTS of cleaning! Brother was not a Betty Homemaker type. So I uess just a little at a time and eventually it will get done! Time, just need lots of time!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Starting over....again

Gonna have to learn how to do this all over again! Had a post all ready and sent it somewhere into cyberspace! Please be patient while I learn how to do this all over again!