Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Porch

Since this blog is titled "From the Porch" I figured I ought to show you where I sit and contemplate life and spend a lot of time "on the porch"! A lot of nights there are several guys here,drinking beer,discussing their days and in general wasting time! Since I am right in the middle of one of my 12 hour stretches at work,everyone has thoughtfully stayed away! The chair to the extreme left in the pic is my chair that I observe the word from! I danced out into the street before it got dark this eve to get this pic,only startled one passer-by,a good night! Usually scare a few people when I venture "off THE PORCH!!!!


  1. Oh how quaint. It's like a painting. A beautiful cottage.

  2. That is cool! We could never pull off greenery like that in Arizona! All the pots, vases, and urns really give it character.