Saturday, March 07, 2009

Heloise was right!

Ya know you read all those helpful handy household hints everyday in the newspaper. Well this one actually worked! I've used vinegar for several cleaning jobs in the past.Recently there was in Helosie about cleaning mini-blinds,a very tedious job!The article that day suggested putting some warm water in your tub and soaking your mini-blinds in them. Well today was extra early dad-sit day so out of utter boredom I decided to try to clean the blinds in the kitchen.
I used the garden tub (a totally useless object) in dad's bathroom,filled it with a couple inches of water and added a couple cups of vinegar and dumped the blinds in to soak.
Then I humg them off the shower curtain rod and rinsed them. A whole bunch of shit came off! But still not white. Hmmmmmm. Then I hit on the idea of using my mag wheel brush (super soft but long bristled) to brush them with. OMG the shit just rolled off them! Dipped the brush in vinegar and lightly ran it over them.
Nice and white with very little effort! (my kind of cleaning!)Bonus cleaning tip,the tub was nice and sparkly after I was done! Martha would be so proud of me!
Only got three of them done before I ran out of vinegar, I'll pick some more up later and do the rest.
Of course my hands smelled like a pickle when I was done,had to resist the urge to slap them between two pieces of bread with a hamburger patty and chow down. Popped a beer instead and killed that urge real quick!

Don't forget to change your clocks tonight!!