Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Please stand by....

I have some stuff to deal with right now with my elderly parents,me and bro are tryiny to get things done,so I'm sorry I haven't been posting,have to get this stuff done.Hopefully it will get resolved soom so I can get back to my usually intering life my three fans have gotten used to reading!So for now just enjoy this pic!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Oh so busy...

So sorry to my three fans out there who faithfully read my blog! I have been really busy and haven't had a chance to post! Had a big string of looong shifts at work so when I got home I basically checked my mail,MG and then crashed! Did manage to have last Sunday off so Bruce and I made a trip to Washington (Ind) for their annual cruise/show. As usual it was a very nice show,lots of great cars and the park down there is beautiful! It has it's own lake that cuts thru the park with islands and fountains and all that stuff,all beautifully landscaped. I need to head back down at Xmas as they do up the whole park with lights and such,it is really cool!

As I said lots of really cool cars,even Christine's sister was there,all dolled up and puttin on the ritz!

Monday, September 18, 2006

I got a new piece.....

for the Porch (not what you were thinking,silly,if I had gotten a Piece the headline would have been in caps!!!!)
A friend of mine,Kathy,makes these chairs out of old doors and gave me this one for the Porch. I think it is pretty cool looking! I wish I was that clever and could look at an old door and see something like this! I haven't set it in place yet as I have to move some plants around and just haven't gotten to that yet. It's been much easier just sitting there,drinking beer, and admiring the plants instead of tackling it! Or maybe I'm just afraid to fight my way thru the jungle,Audry might be living in there!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another celebrity car?

Spotted what I thought was another famous vehicle there,the Clampett car! Upon closer inspection tho I noticed that it did not have Californy plates on it,but Kentucky. Was it possible that there was another celebrity there? Another famous person? Was it you,Christopher?!!!!

More fest....

At the farm fest there were huge displays of old equipment,this years focus was on John Deere.

There was also a small car show,how'd you like to drive this all the time?! It's a 1951 Crosley. Do you think the propeller makes it go faster???

I just know Jan and Cindy are around here somewhere!

Weekend of farm fun!

Took a trek over to a small town about 45 minutes from me this past weekend to their annual Fall Fest. Had a blast! This Fest concentrates on old farm equipment,steam engines and the old way of doing things. Got to watch them make apple cider,apple butter,saw logs,bale hay,make ice cream,woodwork and various other activities all without using electicity! Horse drawn machines,steam engines and just plain hard work makes you realize just how hard things were back then before you could just flip a switch and turn something on! They also had a huge flea market,saw some Fiesta but nothing I wanted. I was a bit disappointed they wouldn't let me on the Barrels of Fun kiddie ride!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's amazing....

....what you can find on the web if you will just go search! I just found out that my bromeliad is an Aechmea Fasciata,also know as the Urn Plant and the Silver vase Plant! The top phto shows a close-up of the bract spike and the tiny flowers. The lower pic is of a different bromeliad but is similar and shows how the spike comes up out of the middle of the plant.

For Ces......

This is the plant Ces asked if it was donkey ear plant. I have never heard of one but they sound interesting! If anyone has a link to show me one,post it! This is a bromeliad aechema but I don't know for sure which one,there seems to be hundreds of aechmeas! It sends up a big pink spikey ball with tiny blue flowers on it about every two years. After it blooms,it sends up "pups" (baby plants) beside it and the parent plant dies. You can see the pups are getting big on this one and the parents are dying,it bloomed this spring. I have had this plant (or rather it's offspring) for over 6 years now and every other year it has bloomed.
That's Homer there keeping an eye on everything!

Monday, September 04, 2006

This Old House....

...just ain't what she used to be! This is the home where I grew up in. My parents got a modular and placed it in the field next to it and the old place has really fell apart in the last few years. There is still stuff in there we are slowly getting out but the going is shakey,the floors are falling in,the ceiling coming down,etc. The old girl has got to be torn down this year. I am sad about that,but she is too unsafe to leave standing. It almost seems my childhood is being wiped out,the hospital where I was born has been razed,my old high school torn down and now my childhood home is next on the list. When I get rich and famous there will be no place to preserve in honor of me! I guess they will just have to restore the house I currently live in with a plaque out in front...."Papa Lived Here!"