Thursday, July 20, 2006

The rest of the yard

Ok, I'm almost done,I know you are tired of looking at plants but I have just a couple more I want to share. This pic is of my ladder/trellis in the back yard. I buried it a few feet in the ground and sunk a couple metal fence post beside it and clamped the ladder to them so it ought to stay there for awhile! I have a wild wisteria growing up it. At the base is a rusted section of an old semi wheel rim and I put tomato plants in it this year.

This pic shows one of my two stumps in the front yard. I have cypress vine growing out the hollowed out areas of the stump. Cypress vine,also know as hummingbird vine,blooms like mad with little red star shaped flowers all summer that the butterflies and hummingbirds love. It self-sows very easily so it you are not careful it will take over the whole yard! But it is so pretty and feathery it is worth the effort of keeping it in control!

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  1. Well, this stump won't be so bad if it is covered with the vine. However, if I were your neighbor, I'd probably stumble into the covered stump!