Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Got stump?...

...from my friend I got the elephants from,I also got a Blood Banana tree to try to save and replant in the spring. Unfortunately when I said cut all the leaves off he went nuts with the machete and almost chopped the whole thing down! I dunno if this one will make it thru the winter but I'm gonna try!


...got my puny banana trees dug up and ready to store for the winter. I had HUGE ones last year but had a freak early freeze and lost all but one tiny little sprout that was protected by the weeds growing around it! This is what I got this year from that little sprout! Next year I will have some good trees!

Elephants on parade...

Went over to a friends house today and dug up some elephant ears to store over the winter. Can you beleive all this came from three bulbs! He never digs his bulbs up and stores the over-winter to replant in the spring,just buys new ones every year. Well when I found that out I just had to go raid his flower beds! There are some big suckas in here and I didn't dig all of them up! I should have elephants out the ying-yang next year!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Well,not totally over.....

The fall foliage is beautifu! This maple in my backyard out does itself every year!
And the mums are finally coming on strong! These guys are been kinda slow about doing anything but are making up for it now! I guess they just needed a cold slap to get their juices going!

The nuncia is finally putting out it's winter berries,the birds will eat well this winter!

However the tomatoes are looking a bit sickly!!!!(grin)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The party's over...

This time of year is sooo sad,all my pretties are gone for the year. Now the real work begins,

gotta cut all this back,dig it up and store it for the winter!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The boys were over tonight...

....nuff said! Can't type tonight!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Elvis stopped by today....

...and left me this CD!

There was a knock on the door this morning and when I peeked out I found Elvis standing on my front porch! Where is the National Enquirer when you need them?!
Actually it was Bruce Borders. Bruce is from a neighboring small town and he is an Elvis impersonator. He used to be the mayor of his town and bills his act as the Mayor of Rock n Roll! Now he has gone father in politics and is a member of the Indiana House of Representatives,so I guess you can now say that Elvis is in the House!!
I sold some things on eBay and it turned out Bruce was the buyer,he just stopped by to pick the items up and gave me the CD as a thank you gift!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Lime green car...

...is a 1964 Ford Galaxie! Just goes to show I probably shouldn't blog while drinking! This Galaxie was awesome tho! I wish the actual color would come thru with the pix,it was eye-searing!

Had a brain fart...

...big time! This is the sherbert Buick!

The James Dean Run...

Of course there was more than Caddys there at the JD Run,I fell in love with this serbert-colored Buick....and there was a chicken there too!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back in the saddle again....

Well I'm back agin and have some catching up to do! A couple weekends ago a friend of mine and I went up to Fairmount Indiana to the annual James Dean festival and car show. Had a great time in spite of the weather which was drizzly and cold,then warm,then cold...you get the idea! How would be this Caddy for a real crusier!? Can you imagine trying to pull out of a blind intersection in this baby! And you could be your own back-seat driver!

Now this Caddy is more to my liking!