Thursday, January 14, 2010


Day Three was a real bitch, the urge to kill was very strong!!!!Of course I actually DO feel better, I just don't want to admit it cuz I still WANT A CIGARETTE!!!!! But hopefully that feeling passes and I can get on with life.
Just hopefully nobody crosses me today and there happens to be golf clubs nearby....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day Two

Well I made it thru Day One without killing anybody but I have to admit I was a bit nervous a few times!
Actually it wasn't too bad, I did eat alot of candy and chewed up several straws but I realized alot of my smoking habit was just that, habit! Certain times of the day were much worse than others. When I was busy at work, didn't even think about it but when the normal cig break time came about,boy the urge went thru the roof! And when I get behind the wheel, after eating etc. All the "normal" times I habitually smoked, that is when the shakes were there. And last evening here on-line was the worst! That's when I really wanted to smoke! Went thru the most candy then, gonna have to get some sugar-free gum and stuff today. I hope today goes as well!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm gonna do it this time...

I'm gonna quit smoking! I have to, money wise and health wise...Wish me luck!

I just flushed the remaining cigs in my pack down the toilet that way I won't automaticaly light one up first thing in the morning.

Of course this will affect my beer drinking but that is something else I have to slow down on...

But it won't affect my popcorn habit! Gonna go pop a bag in the micro and watch some vid of the TV version of the Posidon Adventure!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Amberstone Warrior is going to school!

I'm giving my nephew my beloved truck! He's the first one in my family to have the chance to go to college.

His POS Dakota would never make it in Nashville (or even TO Nashville!) so I am trading my truck for his truck. This boy is soo smart it is scarey! I want to help him as much as I can,since I can't help him money-wise I'm letting have my truck.

The topper will go back on this week...a totally uncool item for the younger set but nephew is practical about it...

"COOL! I can haul my stuff down and then throw a mattress in the back!"

...ahhhh, youth! Looks on the best side of everything!

On the other hand, I am giving up my 84,000 mile 1993 baby for a 250,000 mile 1990 beat-from-one-end-to-the-other Dakota!

I hope the radio works!

Monday, August 24, 2009

push push.....blow,blow...push push....blow,blow....

No I'm not having a baby (or having sex)! I attended CPR training today for my job at the jail.

We had to practice a bunch on these alien-looking torsos...

These things were really ugly...I'd have to be really drunk to date one
(Ummmmm, now that I think about it,been there...done that!)

WOW! This is hard work! At the end of the first full session I was ready for the paramedics myself!

It was a good class tho, I knew the basics (sorta, I have watched TV!) but this class really explained WHY you do these things in this order. That I never knew and having the WHY explained helped me a lot in remembering what to do.

I want to take some more classes and learn how do do this and overcome my tendency to be the one that runs around screaming like an idjit, or just stand there vibrating!

Who knows? I might be at a strip club on of these days and a dancer collapses onstage! I'll be there,READY!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Party Animal

We have an alcoholic squirrel out at the farm!
When Brother and I are working on stuff out in the shop and sometimes (always)in the evenings we will have a few beers (surprise surprise!). After we are done with the beer cans we toss them in an old milk crate,then the first one back out there the next day smashes them and throws them into the recycling bin we have out there for aluminum.
Well several morning in a row we have found a squirrel in there lapping up the dribbles out of the cans!
When surprised he jumps out of the bin and runs (slowly) over to the trees and just kind of sits there, looking at us. If we walk towards him he will try to scramble up the tree but sometimes he doesn't make it and slides back down!(I can identify with him, I've had problems climbing the three steps up on my porch at times!)
Poor guy! We don't chase him or try to annoy him and just let him rest there at the base of the tree til he can make it back up to his home.
We laugh about him,saying there is a squirrel up in this tree sleeping off a hangover and I'm sure he's getting hell from Mama Squirrel about laying around all day and drinking all night instead of out gathering nuts!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

There's a tool for that????

The last few days we have been trying to straighten up the "shop" out to dad's,enduring the cussing and screaming and accusations from dad. Dad has hauled shit into here at the farm for the past 100 years and thinks he knows everything that is out there. Well he can't remember if he ate lunch or not or who we are! He calls bro by our uncle's name and often calls me by my mom's name! (God love her, I wish I was more like her but unfortunately the older I get the more I resemble the ass {dad} that made my childhood {and is making my adulthood!} miserable!!!)

Anyhoo, while moving stuff in the shop I happened to look up at the top of a post and spotted a bright red something. Looked a lot like and old keychain keeper or a coin purse. Upon closer inspection I found this...

...what on earth was this used for? (other than the obvious nasty thoughts that immediately came to mind!)

Okay, back to the dad rant! When dad retired back in the 80's...he RETIRED! I mean from doing anything except drinking beer and driving around everywhere (and yes, at the same time). He started going with Mom to auctions (Mom was an antique dealer) and drug home all manner of useless crap, if it was cheap he bought it,truckloads of stuff! We must have about 20 electric weed-eaters here. Including one that will totally light you up if you plug it in! I refuse to test anymore after THAT ordeal!

So today I tested electric drills that we unearthed from under a table, I guess I'll never learn!

The same with everything else,if there is one here there is a dozen! And sadly what stuff was good isn't now. Dad when he bought stuff just threw it anywhere and there it laid. We have run across so much stuff that used to be good and useful and is now scrap or trash. The shop is an old tin building with a damp earthen floor and stuff is just piled up helter-skelter. We have found probably 20 log chains that are ruined, rusted together in a lump (good log chains aren't cheap!)

Just another day of cussing and screaming and whining....

a normal day in my life....

any wonder I drink?
(which is the reason my posts are few and far between and rarely make any sense!)