Monday, May 11, 2009

There's no way! It's not possible!Can we really? Finally?

Could it be possible we might be able to finally tear down the old house?
Dad has not given in for the last 5 years and let us tear down the old family house. The house sits right next to the new house but dad thinks it is still livable and just needs a bit of work. Well,it is beyond repair,the roof has huge holes in it,the floor has collapsed and the walls ain't far behind! It is a major hazard!

(check some pics of a previous post to see the condition of the house)

We finally got approval to order a storage building to put some of the stuff in that is still good. When the shed arrives in a couple of weeks it will be too tall (on the truck) to pass under the old wires to the house so dad let us take the wires down over the weekend (which also takes the old house off the tax roll! As long as power was run to that house we had to pay taxes on it even tho it was unlivable! As long as there were wires run to the house it was considered a residence)

I thought that was a major deal! The first step in convincing dad that the house had to go!

Well when I got out to the farm today, brother said we were taking down the old metal chimney off the back porch. I expected a major battle but dad was okay with it! Years ago when dad put that chimney up, he had welded some straps to it and then bolted it to the house. We took the bolts out and then realized that the pipe would not fall over because the straps were hitting the eaves of the house and wouldn't let it come down.

We tried and tried to figure out a way to make the straps clear the eave without ripping the eaves out, the straps wouldn't bend and the boards were nailed in every which way to Sunday on the eaves.

Dad came out while we were puzzling over it and said...

"Just rip those damn boards down, the whole place is coming down anyways!"

What? What? Did I hear him correctly? Is he finally accepting the fact that the house has to be torn down?

My shock for the day!

(of course brother probably will have to listen to him bitch all evening about it!)

Hopefully this attitude of his will continue and we can get this hazard torn down!

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