Thursday, May 21, 2009

A mess

What's up with some of these child-proof caps? I mean some of them take an act of congress to get open!

I just bought a new bottle of baby oil (get your mind out of the gutter! It's NOT for THAT! I use it on the bottom of my feet because they get so dry and cracked,I'm too old and fat to buy it for those "other" reasons!)

It wouldn't open, just sat there and spun. Hmmm. So I put my eyes on and checked out the writing on the top.

"Push down top and turn while holding opposing sides in"

Okay besides the fact that I don't have seven fingers on my hand to perform this feat, that still didn't work!

I pushed and twisted, held in, rotated, and generally turned that cap every which way but loose!

No go.

(I'm pretty sure I heard the cap laughing at me)

I try again. And again.

Still no go.

(by this time I know that whoever designed this thing is rolling on the floor busting a gut thinking about someone trying to open it!)

So I'm sitting here with a death grip on the bottle and trying to open the cap when...


The bottle split open along the side.

Yep! Baby oil absolutely EVERYWHERE!

Except of course on my feet.

So I have to get up and throw the bed clothes in the washer (and the bottle in the trash!!!!)

I can't imagine a young mother trying to open this thing while holding down a screaming, squirming baby!

Are packaging manufacturers sadist?


  1. Yes, they are sadist! Especially sadistic are the people who package toys for Fisher Price. They're eevvvilllllll. EEEEEEEEVVVIIILLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

  2. I should have had Luke stop by. He would have that childproof cap open in very short order. And he's only 11!