Saturday, May 02, 2009

Death of a Lady pt 2

As you can see the salvage of the goodies has been started.

This fantastic spiderweb leaded glass window on the second floor was covered over! Why someone would hide this gem is beyond me. The only reason I can think of is the ones that did the remuddling and slapped on that horrid aluminum siding were too lazy to fit the siding around it!

Thankfully they didn't cover over the stained glass windows on the first floor! There were two of these windows on the first floor and both were in closets! I've noticed that alot of times in older houses the fancy windows were located in the closet spaces and always wondered why the builders put them there. Well I found out when talking to one of the salvage gus there, back when these houses were built, either electricity was limited or just unavailable so windows were often in closets and using stained glass windows let the light in without the botheration of curtains and kept the contents of your closet private from outside eyes! And the fact that these closets were big enough to use as changing rooms, the use of stained glass really makes sense!

Even the eaves were detailed!

And now she is just a pile of rubbish. Very sad!


  1. We have a window in our coat closet. It's not stained glass, though. Just a plain ole' window. :)

  2. I hate to see houses destroyed like that. Did you get any of the stained glass?