Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today out at the farm was another "repair the barn roof" day. Only this time I didn't get to throw the hammer at brother!

The old barn was very poorly constructed by dad,like most things around here it was done half-assed and as cheaply as possible. Rather that spend just a touch more and buy longer nails,dad went the cheapest route and bought short nails, as a result, the wind is working the short nails out and letting the tin fly off the barn!

Anyhoo, on the west side of the barn (we worked on the east side last time) there is a rain gutter just above my head. While brother was getting the tools and supplies ready for the repair I decided to clean that gutter out. I could just reach up and pull the leaves and crap out of it.

I cleaned out about 15 feet of it (nasty old rotted leaves and twigs,smelly!) before bro was ready to go up on the roof.

Part of my job today was using my considerable weight on the ladder to keep it from tipping up and letting bro fall off the roof. While I was up on the ladder I glanced down at the gutter to see how much more nasty shit there was to clean out.

About 10" from where I stopped reaching up blindly to grab crap out of the gutter was a large snake!

It was a barn snake about 5' long! Apparently it crawled up there to sun itself.

If bro had not been ready to work on the roof I would have continued down that gutter and grabbed that sucker!

I would have had a heart-attack right there on the spot!

Of course this would have been after I had a screaming fit and scared the hell out of neighbors at least a mile away!

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