Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Mom had a green thumb. I can remember as a child the profusion of flowers around the house that mom had.
Oh the colors and the beauty! I was enchanted! Well once the brothers got old enough to mow the flowers started to disappear. I come from a family that hates to mow around anything! If it was in front of the mower it was fair game!
Slowly but surely everything gave up the ghost after being mowed down for several seasons!
Of all the fabulous flowers that I remember from my youth,very few survive today. I can remember a whole row of Iris (one of my fav flowers) in almost every color of the rainbow,only this single yellow and a few purple are left.
Mom had a huge bed of orange Oriental Poppies, gone now, Snow On The Mountains, history now, a Lilac bush that was pulled out of the ground because "it way in the way of turning the mower", several flowering trees that were also "in the way", several colors of Peony's (one determined white one remains!) and several others.
There are a few that refuse to go away and bravely comes back every year no matter how many times Brother mows them down!
The Paperwhites are trying their best to keep it going,the aforementioned Iris, the Lily Of The Valley is still going strong (but will have to be moved before the old house comes down or it is toast) and I have managed to save one Spirea bush (out of FIVE!) and it is doing good this year.
The pink vining Rose didn't survive last years spraying of a lethal brush killer, another casualty of "I don't want to mow around it"
I sure wish I had the opportunity to have starts of those flowers for my yard now!

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