Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Amberstone Warrior is going to school!

I'm giving my nephew my beloved truck! He's the first one in my family to have the chance to go to college.

His POS Dakota would never make it in Nashville (or even TO Nashville!) so I am trading my truck for his truck. This boy is soo smart it is scarey! I want to help him as much as I can,since I can't help him money-wise I'm letting have my truck.

The topper will go back on this week...a totally uncool item for the younger set but nephew is practical about it...

"COOL! I can haul my stuff down and then throw a mattress in the back!"

...ahhhh, youth! Looks on the best side of everything!

On the other hand, I am giving up my 84,000 mile 1993 baby for a 250,000 mile 1990 beat-from-one-end-to-the-other Dakota!

I hope the radio works!

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