Sunday, August 23, 2009

Party Animal

We have an alcoholic squirrel out at the farm!
When Brother and I are working on stuff out in the shop and sometimes (always)in the evenings we will have a few beers (surprise surprise!). After we are done with the beer cans we toss them in an old milk crate,then the first one back out there the next day smashes them and throws them into the recycling bin we have out there for aluminum.
Well several morning in a row we have found a squirrel in there lapping up the dribbles out of the cans!
When surprised he jumps out of the bin and runs (slowly) over to the trees and just kind of sits there, looking at us. If we walk towards him he will try to scramble up the tree but sometimes he doesn't make it and slides back down!(I can identify with him, I've had problems climbing the three steps up on my porch at times!)
Poor guy! We don't chase him or try to annoy him and just let him rest there at the base of the tree til he can make it back up to his home.
We laugh about him,saying there is a squirrel up in this tree sleeping off a hangover and I'm sure he's getting hell from Mama Squirrel about laying around all day and drinking all night instead of out gathering nuts!


  1. LOL. That's funny, Papa. Good to hear from you again. It's been a long time! :)

  2. LOL. Funny stuff, Papa! I think this squirrel wants you guys to adopt him. He's just trying to fit in with the family!

  3. It's funny that the things you think are uncommon....aren't! I googled "drunk squirrel" to find that pic and found out that drunken squirrels are more common than I thought!
    It seems (especially now going into fall) that squirrels are really like fermented fruit! You know, like persimmons and apples and such that fall on the ground and age.
    I have to give this squirrel points for figuring out out how to get his buzz all year 'round...not just in the fall!