Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm soo frustrated

I am soo ready to beat my computer (and Verizon!) to death! For my Xmas present to myself I decided to get DSL and stop begining totally bent-out-shape from my sooo very slow dial-up connection. I want to be able to load up pics and post them and play with my blog and soo many other things! So I jumped in and signed then I get my box from Verizon....seems simple....hook it up.....and......NOTHING! IT WON'T LOAD IN! So I disconnect everything and start over...and over....and over...! Nope,no dice,no connection! YAAARRRRGGGG! I am soo ready to take a ball bat to this thing! And forget calling Verizon with my troubles! Tried all weekend...PLUS! I sooo hate those comupterized voices telling me to say this and punch this number for that!And the damn installation CD kept telling me to contact Verizon on the web. HELLO! To get on the web I have to disconnect all your stuff and hook back up to dial-up! So the website couldn't do me any good. So again I try calling (and everytime I called I got a different menu!!)
I finally get through to a sorta live person and guess what? English is their third language! I couldn't understand a single word they said!
So I hang up and call a friend of mine who has the same set-up. She came over and went thru it...said she had the same problem when she got DSL...turns out she had a faulty modem so she had to have them ship her another one and then it worked fine.
Soo I call again today, spent almost two hours on the phone(punching this number and saying that word!) and finally got thru to a real person again. This lady spoke sorta English and we went thru the set-up again. I told her that the problem was probably the modem but we had to go thru EVERYTHING! She finally decided that the problem MIGHT be the modem but they have to send out a tech person to check it out!
So here I am again on a dail-up system that is supposed to expire tomorrow and the tech guy isn't going to be here til Wednesday!
(Oh did I mention we have an ICE STORM coming in on Wednesday!)
He'd better show up since I already arranged for the day off to wait here for him (and if he is smart he will bring a case of Bud with him!)


  1. My mom went through a similar situation with verizon. It wasn't the modem, but an odd setting on her computer that wouldn't let things work right. She was on the phone for three hours before they figured it all out.

    Hope it gets straightened out for you!

  2. Patience little grasshopper! Good things come to those wait! I hope you get your computer stuff figured out so you can join us for Wednesday chat...DSL style. LOL

  3. I hope the hot and half-naked (why is he half-naked if you are expecting an ice storm???) repair guy, with the case of beer of course, is able to get your DSL working. I got DSL (through the telephone company AT&T) last fall and I LOVE it! I got one of the slower speeds they offered (only because it was the fastest one available in my area at the time) and I still get better speeds than the stupid cable company here!

  4. I hope the repair dude gets it all fixed quickly, and says, "oh dishes. I have a bunch of that crap that was my grandmother's. Want it?"

  5. Good luck with a speedy fix!