Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Got 10" last night...

Photobucket...and it is a real pain in the ass! Actually we got about 3" the night before and another 7" last night. Going out at 4 in the morn to get the truck ready to leave for work and having to deal with all this white crap piled all over it (not to mention the ice underneath!) is too much fun! And then having to drive thru it! Thrilling! I didn't think I was going to make it all the way out of the driveway,got stuck half in, half out in the street. But I gave 'er hell and plowed thru,fish-tailling out into the street,doing some creative wheel work to avoid the neighbor's car that is parked there,churning along up the street,finally baja-ing it into work where the truck promptly buried herself when I had to slow down enough to park! So there she sat all day! This afternoon I had to get some trustees out to shovel her out so I could come home. Of course when I get home I find that the snowplow had piled up a bunch of snow across my driveway. Figures.
So I have to park in the street. And forget shoveling out the drive,there is a huge drift across the front of the shed that I would have to shovel away to get to the door, and guess where the snow shovel is? the shed! So I guess my poor baby will have to risk spending the night on the street, hopefully no one barrels down thru there and sideswipes her!


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  1. This post is enough to make me cry. The universe knew what it was doing when it had me be born a southern girl. I sincerely hope the icky white stuff disappears soon. Be careful out there!