Thursday, August 17, 2006

puddy tats....

My boys are such a joy....sometimes! Then other times They are a real pain in the ass! Had to rescue Harle out of the tree today. I know damn well the little sucker could've got down own his own but got tired of the pitiful "meows" that were directed at me while I was working in the yard! So I relented and rescued his happy ass!

And then there's Homer! You think you get a bad reaction when you wake your spouse up in the middle of a nap! Teeth!!!!


  1. Papa, I read this post to Kyle and he laughed his @$$ off. Cats can be so funny. Jango got so tired of being shut out of the bedroom that she stood on her hind legs and figured how to pull down the handle and push the door open.

  2. These are wonderful, and I am not even a cat person.

  3. Papa, you should get Homer some of those gold kitty teeth...he looks a little gangsta to me!