Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It keeps growing and growing and....

It's amazing the diffence a month can make! The top picture was taken just the other day and the bottom pic was taken in July! I never thought the sweet tator vines would go that nuts! They never have before!
Must be all the bullshit dripping off the Porch!


  1. Wow oh wow. How lovely. You can make things grow! Beautiful plants!

  2. Well, they just buried the second wagon wheel. Your yard looks so cool, Papa. I'd love to decorate my yard with recycled goodies, but cool discards are hard to come by in the Phoenix area.

    I did put my son's old headboard--which I made out of fence pickets--out against the back fence.

  3. Ms. Val,head out into the desert! I'm sure there are all kinds of cool stuff out there to put in your yard! Hit Junkyards! Cruise the bad part of town! Drive down the street ahead of the garbage truck! Junk is everywhere,ya just gotta get out and find it!

  4. Papa, the junk in our desert is bad junk, not cool junk. Around here, you'll find things like old washing machines, burned out cars, piles of faded beer cans from a weekend boondocker.

    Now, Q did once find a big pile of pool tile that I used for mosaic.