Monday, August 14, 2006


I'm so sorry for my three fans out there that have been reading my blog! I don't know if I mentioned the fact that I work 13 hour shifts. A ral bitch but the up-side is I work 6 thirteens in a row but then I have 6 days off! So as far as posting on my blog there will be stretches that I don't post,I'm working and sleeping and that is about it! So during the times off I have to cram everything in that most people do every day! I got the housework part covered tho by my sign that I have on my front door! I only clean house every other week! Ok,just flipped the TV on,OH WOW a Tim MaGraw concert! Major distraction! Catch ya tomorrow!!!!


  1. Papa, I love that sign on your door! Where did you get it????

  2. Hey Val! I picked that sign up last year at a little local flea market,thought it was too appropriate for me,I hate housework! I have gotten soo maney comments on that sign I wish I would have picked up more of them and sold them on eBay!

  3. Papa I need that sign.