Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In the Big House...

I can't believe I spent a year in the Hoosgow now! It seems just yesterday that I started this job and this week is my one year anniversary there! Time flies in the Pokey (at least it does when you get to go home each night and not back to a cell with a bunkie nammed Bubba!!!!)


  1. I hope you are outside looking in! LOL!!!!

  2. I think he is, Ces. Those look like gas cans on the top shelf.

  3. Most definitely outside looking in, unless he is in the 'gas chamber'. Ooops.

  4. Nope,I am on the inside! The inside of my kitchen area! (those are tea dispensers on the shelf) There are bar gates all over the place to lock off different areas. There have been times when people (me included!)have been in locked areas and their radio goes dead! Then you have to just wait there then til someone else comes by with a good radio! All employees carry radios and have to call dispatch to open the doors for you,don't you just hate it when the batteries go dead in your toys!

  5. Why am I suddenly reminded of that awful/brilliant Wendy O. Williams movie "Reform School Girls"?

  6. FYI Papa, I don't know if you like showtunes (I am married to a musical theater freak, so I absorb them by osmosis), but this picture also reminds me of the number from "Hairspray" after they've all been arrested, "The Big Dollhouse":

    "Big house!
    Locked up here in the pen.
    Big house!
    No food, no phone, no men!
    I need a conjugal visit from my lovin' spouse.
    Well, he just dropped the soap in the Big Doll House."

  7. LOL Christopher! Loved "Hairspray"! But I was actually thinking I was Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Chicago"!
    "Cell Block Tango"!!!!!!!!!