Monday, April 20, 2009

Who's 'shroomin' Who?

Or perhaps this post should be titled Mother Nature 3-Papa 0!

It's mushroom time here is the Hoosier state! If you have never had these delectible little beauties I recommend that you find some! There is nothing better than fresh fried wild mushrooms. Of course you have to know which ones to pick,some are lethal! I only pick the ones I know that are safe,which is actually a moot point right now. I HAVEN'T MANAGED TO FIND A SINGLE ONE!

Which is actually not surprising. Mom was a major mushroom hunter and could spot them suckers at 50 yards when they were only 1/2" tall and covered with 45 dead leaves! I can only see them if they are three feet tall and I trip over them!

When I would go mushrooming with Mom as a kid,Mom would bring back lots of mushrooms, I would bring back a box turtle. I will never forget Mom having to take off her shirt to put mushrooms in to carry because I refused to let the turtle go!

Brother has been fairly good at spotting them and I get to tag along and be miserable. Don't get me wrong, I love prowling around thru Mother Natures beauty and looking at the wonders of spring but when it comes to actually finding mushrooms I become a total klutz! Bro and I have been out three times so far this spring and haven't found a single mushroom. One of the guys at work sez he has found about 500 so far! (and the meanie won't share!)

I did find some last year so I guess,maybe,my mushroom hunting skills are finally coming forth.( I thought!)

The only things I have brought back to the house this year (so far,shudder) is a fucked up knee,a jammed hip and a nose full of mud!

I think Mother Nature is after me for kidnapping that turtle!

All three times we have been out, I have gotten my foot caught under a root or a limb or something and did face-plants in the dirt! Oh! And I forgot to mention the blackberry briar that whipped back and scored me right in the nuts!

Mother Nature must be really angry with me!

I may forego more ventures into the wild....besides the beer cooler gets heavy after awhile!

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  1. Oh, I love Morel Mushrooms! It's been years since I've gone. I went with my best friend and her dad when were like 10 yrs old. It was so much fun!