Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Down on the Farm

Wow, I haven't been here in forever!Been busy,busy,busy! And when I haven't been busy I fight with the computer (it wouldn't let me log in to my blog! I gotta get this thing in for an enema!)

The weather is getting better,slooowly,and brother has a bunch of stuff he want's to get done out there. So,of course I'm drafted to help!

We've been trying to get all the old tin nailed back down on the barn before they take off sailing for New Jersey. Sounds simple right? NOT! That old barn wasn't built the sturdiest to start with 40 years ago and time has not been kind to it! So here's brother climbing around on it while I wait on the ground to fetch supplies and carry them up. I do not do heights well (hell I get shakey just standing on a chair to change a light bulb!)So getting me up one that ladder is a major feat and I sure as hell NOT climbing up on that roof!Photobucket Not only would I be terrorized by the height I'm sure this fat boy would fall right thru and end up impaled on the old corn planter so something!

I do have to admit that having to throw the hammer at brother when he dropped it off the roof was fun!

And we had to start mowing as soon as the first blade of grass popped up. We've mowed twice now and I swear it doesn't look any different that before mowing! If it wasn't for the mower's tire tracks I wouldn't had been able to tell where I had mowed and where I hadn't!

But before we could even do that we had to get the mowers up-to-snuff for the season. Since I am such a mechanical wiz,(hell, one of the mowers I don't even know how to start! It's an IH Cub Lo-Boy built sometime in the 50's and you have to go thru some kind of procedure to start it!) again I am the parts,tool,rag handler.

Also we are trying to make some sense of one area of the shop so we will have space to work on stuff other than out in the yard (not fun in the rain!)
So we move stuff (junk) from one side to the other. We can't get rid of anything,Dad would have a cow! Actually he is bitchy just because we moved some things, but he is bitchy about everything so what's new?

We need a storage building to put stuff in before all of it is ruined. So many of the things in the shop already are shot and now worthless because of dampness and neglect. We'd like to save what we can before it is all worthless and fit only to be bull-dozed into a big hole. There are several welders,generators and lots of tools and other stuff. And lots of just pure junk too. Every building on the farm is stuff to the rafters with junk (anyone need some worn out tires? I could set you up with a bunch!)

Ok, it's about bedtime,hopefully I can get back in here and blog some more another time. Good-nite!

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  1. Post pics of some of your junk. I'm sure John would love to see all the tractor stuff, too.