Sunday, April 19, 2009

The tractors

We used to have a few more,bigger tractors here when we actually farmed this ground, but those and all the useful equipment was sold last year before it was too far gone to use. Scroll back thru the archives to see them.
The only ones we have left are the little ones that do get some use,basically for mowing and puttin' around on.
This is the IH Cub Lo-Boy. I was mistaken in an earlier post,this is a 1967 model. Brother uses this one to mow with, I don't even know how to start it,he does something with the carb before it will start! Bro is an excellent mechanic and he could fix it so it starts normally but I think he leaves it that way to keep anyone else off of it!

This is the one from the 40's, a 1947 IH B Farmall. We have a sickle-bar mower attachment to use on the B to mow the woods and other areas.

Here's the oldest one on the farm, a 1937 Farmall F-20. We don't use it anymore (the motor is locked up). Dad built the front loader bucket on it and it has moved a lot of dirt and junk in it's day!

And here's the baby of the bunch and my playtoy! Tho not technically a farm tractor, we use this little Cub Cadet to pull a trailer around and haul the light stuff. It's pretty handy!

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