Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sometimes I think my cat Harle's mission life is to make me miserable! Or kill me!Of course he does the trying to trip me up by getting underfootoot all the time and he knows the best,darkest,most lethal places to try it! Like the dark spots in the hall,coming around the counter in the kitchen, etc. One of these days he's gonna get me good!
Last night tho I was awakened by the sound of him horking up a big hairball. Disgusting sound right? Not normaly an alarming event, unless the you are sound asleep and the cat is sleeping on your head! Talk about flying out of that bed!
(parents take note,want to get your kids up fast?,have the cat hork on their heads,works every time!)
Of course I stepped in a pile on the way to get the paper towels,yeech! Needless to say Harle spent the rest of the night outside!

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