Thursday, February 19, 2009

Damn, my beer is frozen...

I wasn't planning on drinking tonight,I needed to do some house-cleaning before B came over to watch Survivor. I needed to clean because my niece was coming down for the weekend and visit.

Well, AFTER I started to tackle the ungodly mess that is my fridge (removing UFOs [unidentified food objects]) I checked on-line and found out that my niece has sprained her ankle and won't be coming this weekend.

So since I had already dragged all my beer out of the fridge I decided to finish the job. I found things in there that I didn't know I had! BBQ sauce, pickles of an undetermined age, a bottle of Sloe Gin (!!!!score!!!!) and some stuff I have no idea of what it is (or rather was!!!)

Filled the bathtub up with hot sudzy water and piled the fridge shelves (cool looking tempered glass {okay only cool looking when CLEAN, otherwise really gross when they haven't been cleaned in months!!!} in. After soaking for awhile I was able to scrub the crap off.

[note to self, clean the shelves BEFORE they turn green!]

Anyhoo, I decided I deserved a beer for doing all this nasty work, so I popped one.......YEECH!....... HOT BEER!

So thinking I could enjoy some cold beer during Survivor I put a half a dozen in the freezer.

Got the box clean before B showed up and enjoyed a few nice cold ones during the show.

Then after the program I figured I could drink the last two and check the blogs....ERUPTION! BEER SPEWING ALL OVER MY DESK!

Thankfully the only things soaked were bills waiting to be paid (isn't there a law somewhere that beer-soaked bills can be thrown away and forgotten?)

After the mess was cleaned up I discovered I had a nice beer slushie! ROCK!Photobucket

Survivor was great (more on that later)!

((BTW that is not a pic I took, that was "borrowed" from Photobucket! I'm a Can Fan!))

So since I have discovered Beer Slushies, ya think I could set up a stand this summer????

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