Sunday, November 02, 2008

Goodbye Massey!

This afternoon I helped Brother get some things ready out to the farm that have been sold. Amongst them is this old Massey Harris tractor that has been residing in the barn since I was a little kid. I dodn't think that the Massey was ever really used as a work tractor here but more as a "play toy" for us boys. We all drove this thing around, pulling the wagons and such and basically was our first driving lessons. Since by age 11 I had graduated to driving the pick-up and the family car you can guess how young we were driving this thing around! We have not farmed our land for several years and are going to rent it out to neighbors to use, we decided to get rid of the farm equipment. Most of it is old and useless but a dealer who has good luck with "hobby" farmers that like old small stuff offered us a decent price.

So goodbye to an old friend, I hope you find someone else who will love and enjoy you!

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  1. I used to play on that tractor... And all the other ones. Sad to see them go, there are many memories there for me. :) I am glad that Grandpa did OK with them going, I know how he doesn't like to part with anything.