Monday, November 10, 2008

Degreasing the Fiesta....

...and the flamingos and the walls and the floor and the stove and..............

AS some of you know I got to move back into my house awhile back and Bro moved in to dad's. Brother was NOT a good housekeeper! I'm no Betty Homemaker but I did like to keep my kitchen nice. Bro liked to deep-fry stuff so EVERYTHING in the kitchen is COVERED in a heavy layer of grease! All the Fiesta that was on display is greasy,the flamingos are slimey,the stove is atrocious and the walls and everything will probably have to be repainted,I don't think the paint will take the scrubbing! Since I just have a couple hours home each evening the clean-up process is going very slow and this stuff is VERY thick! Fortunately the Fiesta takes scrubbing very well,just lots of work. The flamingos unfortunately have lost a lot of their color, I might be able to coat them with a coat of lacquer or something to bring the shine back and just will have to live with the lighter colors. (a bright spot in this,one of the flamingos actually looks better,it was a bright pink-orange before,now it is a softer pink,looks better!) This project is going to take awhile. Wish me luck!

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  1. Papa, I've been thinking about your cleaning project since I first saw it. How are things going? I like Dawn detergent with its degreaser, as it seems to work well. Best of luck with getting everything cleaned.