Friday, November 07, 2008

Been playing on the side...

...the side bar that is! My friend Craig at (sorry haven't figured out have to do a link with just a word yet!) added a cool fishies thing to his blog so I had to go check it out! I found this ring thingie on the site and added it to the bottom of my right column. Further clicking found the "car of the day" link so I added that since I am into things automotive, but that one may be deleted soon, I hate that the pics are cut off,not resized to fit the space. Sorry nothing more exciting than that happening right now....hmmm...the 80's CD just finished on my lime green boombox....I guess it is time to put in RuPaul, I have been discussing a "womanless" beauty pagent today with my JC so drag queens are on my mind!

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