Monday, October 13, 2008

The neighborhood pooch

Meet Whitey, aka WhiteBoy,WhiteFang,Moochie,FurButt,Worthless and anything else you want to call him! He responds to anything as long as you have a Milkbone in your hand!

Whitey is the neighborhood dog out to dad's house. He used to belong to an old man that lived down the road,we used to see him laying at the old man's feet on the porch and when the man died his kids cleaned out his house but Whitey was left behind,homeless. He stayed by the old man's house for a couple years,sleeping in the rain and scrounging food. Well we finally coaxed him into our yard (with Milkbones!) and now he hangs out with us alot. But we also found out he cages treats and food from all the neighbors! Everyone likes him and feeds him so he makes his rounds everyday getting what everyone offers him! He is definitely not underfed!

He is part husky and something else and has a very winning personality, rarely barks but is very protective of his territory to other dogs (probably doesn't want to share his treats!) but loves the cats and leaves most of all the other wildlife alone,except squirrels,he loves to chase squirrels!

He's a very good dog and I find it hard to believe some one abandoned him like that!

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  1. That story is very similar to the way I got Jango. Her former owner was an older person who was moved to a care home. Apparently, nobody in the family wanted to take the kitty. But at least they had the decency to take her to the Humane Society, who thereby gave her a chance at adoption into a new home.

    It's wonderful that the neighbors have banded together and collectively adopted Whitey. He sounds like such a sweet dog.