Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another try...

Okay,giving this a try again! I have not played with this blog for almost two years!

After mom died I moved out to dad's to help take care of him (he is a major pain in the ass but that will take a whole 'nother post on that subject!) Brother stayed here at my house and was out there with dad when I was at work. (no internet at dad's,hence no blog!)

To make a long story short,bro and I switched places. I am back at my house now and he is full time out to dad's. He's not working so that was the best bet (for me at least!) I still go out everyday and on weekends but at least I can sleep at night! I get up at 3:30 in the mornings to go to work so it was very hard getting any rest out on the farm.

So I am back home,but not much time to do anything,just a couple hours of an evening before beddy-bye. And this house needs LOTS of cleaning! Brother was not a Betty Homemaker type. So I uess just a little at a time and eventually it will get done! Time, just need lots of time!

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