Monday, September 18, 2006

I got a new piece.....

for the Porch (not what you were thinking,silly,if I had gotten a Piece the headline would have been in caps!!!!)
A friend of mine,Kathy,makes these chairs out of old doors and gave me this one for the Porch. I think it is pretty cool looking! I wish I was that clever and could look at an old door and see something like this! I haven't set it in place yet as I have to move some plants around and just haven't gotten to that yet. It's been much easier just sitting there,drinking beer, and admiring the plants instead of tackling it! Or maybe I'm just afraid to fight my way thru the jungle,Audry might be living in there!!!


  1. Ok, I give. Who's Audry?

  2. From the movie The Little Shop Of Horrors,Audry was a flesh eating plant (or was it Aubry?can't remember for sure!) It was a comedy/musical,very entertaining little movie based on a play based on a movie!

  3. I read that headline and thought, "Well thank god, I can finally stop that damn Native American rain dance he's had me doing for him!" Then I read the text. Back to dancing!