Thursday, September 07, 2006

For Ces......

This is the plant Ces asked if it was donkey ear plant. I have never heard of one but they sound interesting! If anyone has a link to show me one,post it! This is a bromeliad aechema but I don't know for sure which one,there seems to be hundreds of aechmeas! It sends up a big pink spikey ball with tiny blue flowers on it about every two years. After it blooms,it sends up "pups" (baby plants) beside it and the parent plant dies. You can see the pups are getting big on this one and the parents are dying,it bloomed this spring. I have had this plant (or rather it's offspring) for over 6 years now and every other year it has bloomed.
That's Homer there keeping an eye on everything!

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  1. Papa, thanks for posting the photo. I will take a phot of the donkey ear plants for you sometime.