Saturday, December 10, 2005

Xmas party

Just got back from our employee Xmas party. Big fun. Watching kids bowl and run around and scream and run around and scream and run get the picture!We all did get an Xmas present,a couch throw with the Sheriff Department logo and a pic of the Sheriff's truck on it. Kinda cool,would rather had a huge bonus but like it anyways! Absolutely no one was drinking anything (except pop!) till I decided enough was enough! Whith all those kids running around I needed a brew! After I got mine and wasn't thrown out by the Matron (a notorious teetotaler!),several of the other guys got brave and got beers too! I guess evreyone was just waiting for someone to either break the ice or put their neck on the block first!!! I survived!

Speaking of Survivor,(nice lead in!) This Sunday is the Survivor finale! Really rootin for Rafe to win but I bet he won't,what chance does a gay guy have against all them women! He'll be booted out for sure but I can always hope!

I've got to get busy and get my list of stuff e-mailed out to the auctioneer tomorrow! If I get up early and get crackin I should be able to do it! Just have to make myself get up early!

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