Friday, December 09, 2005

On The Porch

Well well well! I finally found this spot again! It's been awhile since I created this blog,and now that I'm back I have nothing to say! It white as hell outside,snowed to beat the band yesterday,got about 4 inches out there!
I've been going thru stuff to take up to Shadow's auction Barn for their annual New's Year Day Antique auction. Need to raise some money some how! Dinky's auction is tonight and I actually have a Friday I could go but the snow kinda put the shitzu on that! Was gonna take a load down to sell,but discussed it with Bruce and Peanut and we figured that with the fact they have been closed for a few weeks because of the tornado damage and with the weather,the buyers wouldn't be out in force. I ain't sellin my stuff cheap!

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