Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Danni won!

Well Danni beat out the others on Survivor to win the million dollars. She wasn't my pick but it's ok,my pick was ME!

The water was shut off yesterday, I had to call and put the payment on the credit card to get it turned back on. I hate using the card for anything like that,but had no choice. Came home from work and had to bitch about it,so Sarah is going to kick up her rent payments. When she found out I was gonna cut off the cable she decided to help out some more. I had to call and put the cable bill on the card too. This is the only month to do that,next month if more money doesn't come in I will probably have to start shutting things off. I'm not getting very many hours at work and it is not enough to pay the bills. Some things are selling at auction today so that will help and then hopefully will get some money out of the stuff I'm taking up for the New Year's Day auction. I really need to find another jog,but not much is around here.

Things will improve soon....hopefully!

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