Tuesday, June 23, 2009

'strokin' again...

....HEAT strokin' that is! If yesterday wasn't bad enough, today was worse as far as heat was concerned! I'm sure that Val thinks I am a total wimp because I can't handle 92 degree afternoons! But the humidity here is killer!

So bro and I mowed out to dad's today....thank god for the beer cooler! I don't think I woulds have made it otherwise!

HOT HOT HOT! No breeze what-so-ever!

So what do I do? When I get home I decide to burn all the twigs and branches and clipping I gathered up last night. (remember the no breeze comment!)

No breeze...no wind... I rarely get to chance to burn stuff here in town (for some reason the town frowns on burning when it is windy, I don't know why!!!!)

So I light up the brush...and guess what... a breeze starts up! So here I am running around with a rake trying to contain burning debris in a gale storm in 90+ degree heat!

So of course a burning leaf decides to go down my shirt...I do a major screaming funky chicken dance around the yard...I'm sure the neighbors were majorly entertained!!!!

Singed chest hair smells AWFUL!


  1. I am sure the neighbors thought you were doing another one of your gay disco dance moves. LOL I am glad you are okay (besides a few chest hairs).

    And yes, the weather is AWFUL!!! Today the heat index is over 100! :( It is SOOOOO miserable in the A/C!

  2. You're right, Papa. 92 degrees is NOT bad. But 92 degrees with humidity truly is awful. It's been 100+ with humidity here all week. I wish it would hurry up and rain already!