Sunday, December 28, 2008

Does this car make my butt look big????

Went up to Indy to the Auto Show with friends yesterday. Kinda figured this might be the last year for it with all the troubles the big three are in now. Not much really stuck me as exciting,all the new cars look sooo much alike! Ya gotta walk around and search for the emblems to see what kind of car it is! We did get a kick out of the Smart car! I would be afraid I would get run over by a semi! Or even a VW Bug! These things are seriously small!
But we did have a fun day,K wants a new pickup and was all over the H3 truck,her husband looked a bit doubtful tho! And we found out that B has already ordered a new car, a Camaro in orange! Of course it remains to be seen if it gets made or not!
After the show we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Indy. I just love this place! It's in an old,beautifully restored building and decorated top to bottom with music memorabilia,great music playing non-stop in videos on a multitude of big screen tvs that are everywhere! And the food is awesome! Since we had had a big breakfast I decided to just have a salad. But what a salad! It was called a Haystack and there was enough there to feed four people! Needless to say I brought what I couldn't eat home and have been munching on it ever since!


  1. Looking good, Papa! Glad you were able to get out and have some fun. I'd like to go to the Detroit Auto Show in January. Traffic is a nightmare though!! I guess we'll see.

  2. Glad you had such a good time! We saw lots of those Smart cars this summer. I think one would be handy for running errands around town, but not very useful out at the farm.

    Hard Rock Cafe. Love all. Serve all. Since Abbey was a little girl we have gone to HRC whenever we are in a city that has one. And I think we have the tshirts to prove it. LOL. When DD#2 was little, she had the best time dancing on the bar at the one in San Diego. And I was thrilled to find a good margarita at the one in London. That one will always be my fav. I went to the original in 1975. But I've never been to the on in Indy. Something to look forward to.

  3. Hey! Next time you are in Indy you should call me! I would love to have you over to my house and visit. I live in Noblesville and that is only about 20-30 minutes from the Fair Grounds. Kevin, the kids and I almost went to that car show as well. Oh, and I got a huge kick out of reading about the chainsaw and Ben Gay... What a great laugh!! Love ya!