Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Got stump?...

...from my friend I got the elephants from,I also got a Blood Banana tree to try to save and replant in the spring. Unfortunately when I said cut all the leaves off he went nuts with the machete and almost chopped the whole thing down! I dunno if this one will make it thru the winter but I'm gonna try!


  1. Papa, how do you store something like that and keep it living for the summer?

  2. I think it will be ok if it isn't allowed to freeze. A few years ago, I was pulling Q's car out of the garage (he has this amazing knack for parking in tight spaces...he had the right side of his car almost touching the wall of the garage).

    Anyway, as I was trying to back out without grazing the house and I ended up veering off the driveway and into the yard. THUNK! I got out to investigate. There were prickly pear cactus pieces everywhere.

    We gathered up the dismembered cactus parts, threw them in a box in the garage, and forgot about them for about 6 months.

    By the time we rediscovered the box, the cactus parts had regrown some major roots. We replanted them and the cactus grew bigger and faster than before.

    And that was the problem. The cactus got too close to the sidewalk. It also ruined any toy or article of clothing that touched it. We ended up ripping it out a short time later.