Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Elvis stopped by today....

...and left me this CD!

There was a knock on the door this morning and when I peeked out I found Elvis standing on my front porch! Where is the National Enquirer when you need them?!
Actually it was Bruce Borders. Bruce is from a neighboring small town and he is an Elvis impersonator. He used to be the mayor of his town and bills his act as the Mayor of Rock n Roll! Now he has gone father in politics and is a member of the Indiana House of Representatives,so I guess you can now say that Elvis is in the House!!
I sold some things on eBay and it turned out Bruce was the buyer,he just stopped by to pick the items up and gave me the CD as a thank you gift!


  1. Papa did you remember your manners and tell him "Thank you...thankyouverymuch"

    Sorry...that was bad. It's late and I'm under the stress of a major deadline.

  2. Please tell me Elvis isn't a Republican!

  3. Oh Val! I wish I would have thought of that!!!
    And Christopher,unfortunately,he is!

  4. Why is it when liberal "celebrities" make political statements, they're supposed to shut up and sing, but then Republicans can elect this guy, Sonny Bono, and Gopher from "Love Boat"? Just curious!