Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No. 19 Blogworld Road

Welcome to Blogworld Road!All of us bloggers decided we needed to live in the same neighborhood so we can party and enjoy everyone else's company! Ces,Ms Val and others have already moved in so I thought I'd better get down here before all the houses were gone!I'm just around the curve in No. 19,back in the field! All the shows on HGTV are always saying buy the worse house on the block and fix it up,so I picked this one!

It's the old asylum from way back before Blogworld became such a nice place! The road curves around the lake so even tho I am not right next door to everyone I can look across the corner of the lake and see Ces's Barn and Ms. Val's house. I can take the boat out and drop in on them anytime! The old asylum wasn't needed any more since because everyone is so happy now and I was able to pick it up for a song (my rendition of Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" sealed the deal)! I've got lots of work to do but now finally have room to put out the Fiesta collection! Each color can get it's own room now! I plan on having lots of parties this spring,little does everyone know that when they get here they will be handed a drink and a shovel! Lots of landscaping to be done!


  1. OMG Papa, how fitting that you bought this house. I heard the wall still had the shackles used for the patients. Ooooooh! That is one heck of a house. No doubt also loaded with vintage and P86 Fiesta dishes.

  2. i am very impressed with your real estate savvy, papa.


  3. Fabulous!
    I'm at number 13 - the lighthouse.
    Feel free to pop around.
    Ooooohhhhh and I LOVE your house!

  4. Hi there i loved your house. You've fixed it up well. I'm at NO 15 feel free to pop in anytime.